999 or 111? Make the right call

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It’s hugely important you make the right call to get the right response at the right time. Is it a life-threatening emergency or not? Think for a second before you make that call to either 999 or 111.

Here’s an illustration that depicts the different scenarios and the nature of help you can seek.
What to do in an emergency
Watch the video below and see how a child calls 999 to get help for her grandfather.

Get the right help

Remember that 999 is for life-threatening emergencies only.

For more information, please visit the North West Ambulance Service website on www.nwas.nhs.uk

 Make the right call - 999 or 111

Salmonella can help combat cancer

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salmonella cancer cure
Yes to immunotherapy, no more chemotherapy. New research shows that the common food-poisoning bug salmonella can be used to treat cancer tumours in the body

The research was carried out by scientists at Chonnam National University in South Korea. The food poisoning bug salmonella was genetically modified to make it innocuous, then injected into 20 mice with colon cancer and the disease disappeared in half of them after 12 days. Read more

Eat more grapes to prevent Alzheimer’s

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grapes prevents Alzheimer's

Memory loss can break daily life – scientists reveal that eating a handful of grapes could protect against diminution in the brain

Do you misplace things often and not remember where you put them? Memory loss can break daily life. People suffering from Alzheimer’s, a form of dementia, are often left to depend on notes and other reminders to keep track of important dates and events. Now, scientists reveal that eating a handful of grapes twice a day could protect against diminution in some areas of the #brain. Read more

Cartoon and book stores are now open for business

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This is to inform all my friends/followers/readers/lovely people out there that both my cartoon and book stores are now open for business. I recently introduced the e-commerce app on my website. So feel free to buy any cartoon via PayPal on my website. The book store continues to be powered by Amazon.
I sincerely hope you can also provide some feedback to further improve the stores.

Age, Sex, Location – a story by Vinay Jalla

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People, in general, are inquisitive about other people. Some acquaintances evolve into friendships and some close friendships could lead into a relationship. So where does love fit into this cycle of meeting and knowing people? Read this story about two individuals who get to know each other under strange circumstances and eventually end up knowing less about each other.

Click on the links below to buy my book Age, Sex, Location 

Power of Social Media

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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, MySpace…it’s a long list. In fact, there are over 200 active social networking platforms all over the world that host zillions of discussions and billions of gigabytes of data!

So what exactly is social media? Well, in simple terms it’s talking to people online. It’s also an amazing internet marketing tool that helps both individuals and businesses to build relationships with their fans and customers, generate leads and even increase sales.

Social media is not only a way to explore new content, but it is also proving to be a major force as to how businesses are searched for and found via the search engines.

Here’s a chart from a survey depicting what motivates real users to connect with and share on social media platforms.

A study conducted by Searchmetrics to know what factors play a role in SEO ranking suggests that seven out of the top eight factors are related to social.

As you can see below with regard to SEO ranking, Google+ is at the top as Google is the world’s largest search engine and of course their social network will be significant in SEO ranking. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are not far behind in the race.
First published in Bright Future Software newsletter. Read blogs by Bright Future Software.

The edible edition of Warp and Weft – A novel by Vinay Jalla

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  • A big thank you to all readers for the 200+ likes on the ‘Warp and Weft – A novel by Vinay Jalla’ Facebook page.
  • Sold 200+ copies worldwide of both the digital and paperback editions of ‘Warp and Weft’ in the last quarter.
  • Lots of positive comments from readers all over the world on BBC Radio Manchester, NRI Pulse Newspaper, Deccan Herald – grassroots to galaxies, Indian Express, The Hindu, Caleidoscope Cultural Mag- and other blogs and websites that have featured and reviewed Warp and Weft.
  • The Telugu translation of ‘Warp and Weft’ is underway. We are hopeful of releasing it early next year.

This book cake is golden sponge with a fruity raspberry jam and butter-cream filling, covered in soft icing!!! Yummy!!!


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